Terms of Offer

Registrant must be the first or second person to register and pay-in-full for the promotion month. 

To be eligible for the $500 Visa Gift Card the registrant must pay for the course in full and utilize PromoCode: 500FIRSTTWO at the time of registration/payment. 

If promocode is accepted at time of registration, you are deemed the first or second registrant and, upon satisfactory completion of the session/course registered (no session changes allowed); CyberDI will mail (via registered/certified mail/signature required) a $500 Visa Gift Card to the registrants address of record. 

An additional $1 discount will be applied immediately to your order. A Visa Gift Card is as good as cash and therefor may be used by any person in possession of the card.

The registrant may not change their course/session once a selection is made.  Any subsequent course/session change made at the registrant’s request will forfeit the $500 Visa Gift Card Offer.

Offer can be redeemed only once per registrant.