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Building a Unicorn Farm with Capitol Technology University

The constant attacks on our country have pushed more and more advanced requirements further and further down the life cycle of a CyberSecurity expert.

As a community we have all felt this pressure at the top of the food chain as well.

More and more of our customers demand applicants with advanced degrees, multiple certificates, clearances, and real world experience.

A rare animal by nature, this CyberSecurity expert gets quickly thinned by legions of horn hunters who try to hold talent exclusively to their stable.

What is CMMC?

CMMC, the CyberSecurity Maturity Model Certification, can not succeed if we continue this model of poaching unicorns from each other.

CMMC, the new certification the Department of Defense will require of all contractors who touch or transmit specific types of data, can only succeed if we build more unicorn ranches to groom CyberSecurity leaders.

Naturally when CyberDI set out to create a network of CMMC Universities we wanted to work with Capitol Technology University. When you need to create a consortium of unicorn farms you go back to the team that invented Unicorn Farming.

Having Capitol Tech join our merry band ensures we can provide the Defense Industrial Base the CyberSecurity experts our customers demand. Unicorns turn to Capitol Technology University when they need their horns sharpened. In fact Capitol Tech provides the best award winning undergraduate and graduate CyberSecurity programs in the country.

Who should enroll in our Capitol Tech Courses?

No matter where your boots hang in the IT and the government contracting space you work with, and more probably, report to a Capitol Tech graduate. Capitol Technology University and CyberDI will will leverage this experience to deliver CMMC trainings across the globe.

Certified Professional

If you are a small business and want a certified professional on staff (we recommend two for any company that contains data protected by law or regulation) Capitol Technology University can provide a self paced online option or a hands on laboratory experience.

Consultants and contractors who want to provide CMMC advice should seek a Certified Professional award. While not necessary the courses and assessments prove to clients you can provide compliance support.

Certified Assessor

As an IT firm, a person looking to get away from the help desk, or an establish self-employee doing DFARS compliance, you will need to complete the Certified Professional and Certified Assessor Level One courses and pass the exam. This will allow you to assess companies with basic, but not too sensitive, government data.

If you want to move further along in your career as a CyberSecurity Assessor and work with firms who touch more sensitive data you will need to take a Certified Level Three course. Then pass the assessment. CyberDI classes at Capitol Technology University will help you get ready.

Network of Heroes

The last month of 2020 saw two plagues rip across our nation. A major CyberSecurity attack hit while our nation reeled from the Covid-19 global epidemic. The threats to our supply chain do not stop for once in a century viruses.

Instead we face millions of threats a millisecond and we must protect our Nation. When you have partners like Capitol Technology University you always know you will have a unicorn to ride into battle.

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