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Creating Networks of Heroes and Scholars

When Data Intelligence Technologies, Inc. CyberDI Division partners with a Higher Education institution on CyberSecurity Maturation Model Certification (CMMC) trainings we want to give back to the heroes who made this great country possible.

At each institution we match a 1.25% contribution of top line revenue to fund the Data Intelligence Technologies Computer Science National Security Scholarship fund.

We will first seek to fund a named Fellow, studying for an advanced cybersecurity degree. Then as our partnership grows we will named endowed chairs and maybe even a center.

These scholarships will first go to qualified candidates who lost a parent in the service of the CIA or DIA. If no candidates from this pool applies we donate a portion to scholarship funds and open the application to any veteran seeking an advanced cybersecurity degree.

We work with the following three charities to coordinate these scholarship efforts and we ask that you donate today.

National Museum of Intelligence and Special Operations

Defense Intelligence Memorial Foundation

CIA Officers Memorial Foundation

Yesterday's Heroes Building Tomorrow's CyberWarriors

Please join us in supporting these charities. Overtime we hope to create a network of DIT Fellows who can serve our country. Cybersecurity is just one critical shortage area that threatens our nation. We also need to increase efforts to recruit specialists in data science and analytics.

We hope our effort to support students across the nation will honor those who have fallen by building up those who will protect our nation in the future.

img source. CC0 The Central Intelligence Agency - CIA Memorial Wall

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