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CyberDI Teams up with Southern Connecticut State University to Bring CMMC to the Nutmeg State

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Data Intelligence Technologies, Inc.’s CyberDI initiative has teamed up with Southern Connecticut State University to help bring Cybersecurity Maturation Model Certification to the state.

The Department of Defense launched the Cybersecurity Maturation Model Certification, or CMMC, to help secure the United States supply chain of contractors who do business with the Department of Defense. Across all sectors of the economy, cyber criminals steal close to a trillion dollars a year. Connecticut’s fifteen billion dollar defense economy faces constant attack.

The CMMC program requires all contractors, up to 300,000 companies, who do business with the Department of Defense to have third party assessors come in and verify their cybersecurity posture. These assessors must complete training provided by licensed training partners who use materials and classes that are approved by the CMMC accreditation board.

CyberDI has signed an exclusive statewide deal with SCSU to help craft the courses and deliver the first in the nation partnership between Higher Education and a CMMC Licensed Training Provider. Data Intelligence Technologies' CyberDI is one of only a handful of companies approved to both publish CMMC learning materials and deliver training. Together through this partnership with SCSU, CyberDI will utilize SCSUs classroom space while providing instructors certified by the CMMC-AB

Together we will offer courses in becoming a certified professional, a course all Defense contractors should take. Together we can stop the theft of intellectual property and safeguard our nation’s supply chain for the Defense Industrial Base. The Department of Defense nor the CMMC-AB requires contractors or organizations seeking certification to have a certified professional on staff but it makes sense.

All defense contractors should set a goal of having large portions of their management and anyone on their network teams become a certified professional. First if you want representation on an assessment team

Starting December 1, 2020, the Department of Defense may begin to hold contractors responsible for CMMC compliance. A lack of certification can result in the loss of contracts, the inability to bid on certain new contracts, or action by the Department of Justice.

In an innovative partnership with the School of Graduate and Professional Studies , SCSU will provide enrollment, course design, and technical support. CyberDI will provide world class instructors and subject matter experts using a curriculum written together by both partners.

SCSU and CyberDI have assembled a world class team to craft CMMC courses. Richard Dawson, a former special forces instructor and cyber security expert, leads the instructional design team. Richard gets back up from Dr. Israel Campell and Terry Lehman, both data and cybersecurity experts who currently provide cyber assessments for the DoD and IC. SCSU Associate Professor and Fellow of Online Learning, Dr. J Gregory McVerry, will align SCSU existing cybersecurity Masters degree to the CMMC effort.

In fact Dr. McVerry, Dr. Podnar, and Dr. Lancor got to work right away developing a three credit elective course that incorporated taking certified CMMC courses from CMMC-AB certified instructors into Southern’s Masters program.

“I believe working with the resources higher education provides will be the quickest way to scale the CMMC nationwide ” reported James Kraemer, CEO of Data Intelligence Technologies, and, “this is bigger than the CMMC and cybersecurity. Our defense and intelligence community faces a shortage of subject matter experts. Through higher education we hope to identify quality for the pipeline early.”

“We are the first school in the nation to offer this kind of training. Our students will graduate prepared to protect Connecticut’s important defense economy,” noted Dr. Lisa Lancor, chair of the computer science department.

“I am most excited about the fellowships and scholarships we set up,” noted Thomas Corridon, the partnerships Program Manager. Both CyberDI and SCSU will donate a portion of revenue to cover scholarships to students whose parents fell in the line of CIA/DIA duty.

"The partnership makes so much sense. A large portion of Connecticut’s economy runs on the defense industry. Our cybersercurity graduates will be highly employable given our CMMC partnership,” finished Podnar.

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