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Emory University Swoops in to Secure a CyberSecurity Economy

Emory University and Atlanta have always understood the importance of private and public partnerships when it comes to workforce development.

Asa Candler knew to swoop in and drop $1,750 dollars on a secret recipe (just under 50 grand in today's dollars) on a little thing we call Coca-Cola and went on the write the million dollar letter. A supporter of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South Candler offered a gift of $1 million when the Church wanted to move Emory University to Atlanta.

Forward thinking from Candler have allowed folks like Dooley to work to the bones and for the Spirit of Emory to go on forever.

While Emory University has a solid foundation the DNA of how we we do business has shifted. Emory University must once again look to the future and forge new paths through private and public partnerships.

The Coca-Cola keeps bubbling but CyberSecurity be Sizzilin.

Data Intelligence Technologies proudly announces Emory University has the newest member to the CyberDI CMMC network.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

Working with the Office of Continuing Education we will provide CMMC trainings to not only secure the Aerospace Industry but also grow the CyberSecurity sector.

The Department of Defense created the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program through a contract with the CMMC Accreditation Board. In the past every defense contractor did a self-assessment about their cybersecurity to qualify for Defense contracts.

Only trainings from Licensed Training Partners using certified content from a Licensed Publisher can deliver CMMC-AB courses companies and third party assessors need.

CyberDI, a Licensed Training and Publishing Partner will provide both.

The DoD will now require a third party assessor to measure a contractor's cyber hygiene. If the 800 aerospace companies in Georgia do not get compliant by 2025 Georgia will lose jobs over night as companies pull contracts out of state.

Atlanta and Aerospace

Hard working American made companies that employ over 108,000 in the Peach State. From manufacturing floors to hangar bays for repair Georgia earns the label of top Aerospace Manufacturing State. We look forward to offering our Certified CMMC classes at Emory University and in Georgia. Together we will protect the Gulfstream Aerospace, Delta Air Lines, and Lockheed Martin supply chain. Georgia exports over 100.8 Billion dollars in stuff that flies.

We have to make sure we help secure the supply chain so we help secure the economy of Georgia but we can also grow Atalanta into a CyberSecurity Economic power House.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

If you spend time on LinkedIn you read nothing but Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Emory University and Data Intelligence Technologies see nothing but jobs, jobs, jobs.

Data Intelligence Technologies, In., parent company of CyberDI provides data science, analytics, and intelligence services to customers in the Virginia and Maryland area. DIT provides ten million dollars in support services to their clients annually.

The Defense Intelligence Agency selected DIT has a partner for the potential 10-year, $12.6 billion Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise III contract. DIT will deliver enterprise activities and services; infrastructure development/sustainment; application development and sustainment; support core functions; and cybersecurity services.

The DIA SITE III Award just one of many IDIQ awards across the Government that call for thousands of IT and cybersecurity experts. When you combine this with the 100,000-300,000 companies in the Defense Space and th millions of more across the economy you can only conclude CyberSecurity matters.

We see Atlanta and Georgia central to our growth but more importantly to accomplishing mission.

Emory University and CyberDI want to invest in Atlanta and create a CyberSecurity Forge that cranks out talent to protect our sensitive data. This can result in hundreds of companies, thousands of jobs, and billions in federal contracts if we work together.