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Meet the Learning Team

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Everyone uses the cliche of building a plane while you fly it in the Cybersecurity Maturation Model Certification Space. Here at CyberDI we don't believe in the model. Instead we hire the right team to ensure your learning journey provides a new flight of possibilities.

As a Department of Defense contractor or a cybersecurity expert protecting our nation you have multiple choices when considering a CMMC-AB licensed training or publishing partner. We want to make sure you choose the flight path. If your organization believes in flying with a skilled team who can make sure learning materials get of the ground then CyberDI might provide the solutions you need.

J. Gregory McVerry, Phd

Chief Learning Officer

J. Gregory McVerry, curriculum director of the project is an Associate Professor of Curriculum Learning at Southern Connecticut State University. A former Neag Fellow of the New Literacies Research Lab and current Fellow of Online Education, Dr. McVerry researches and teaches in the fields of web credibility and digital literacies.

Greg McVerry has extensive instructional design experience. He is a former volunteer member of the CMMC-AB Test Objectives Working Group. Greg developed leadership web literacy curriculum for the Mozilla Foundation and leadership training for the Mozilla Corporation. Dr. McVerry designed the Association of College Universities and Educators principles of effective online teaching. Greg currently serves on the World Wide Web (W3) consortium Credible Web community Group building metadata tools to fight disinformation. McVerry a long-time collaborator in the credentialing space brings this expertise to CyberDI’s CMMC course design.

Richard Dawson

Lead Instructional Designer

Richard Dawson, our Lead Instructional Designer, and adjunct faculty member in Southern Connecticut State University, served as a Special Forces (SF) Operations Sergeant and later as an Advanced Special Operations Techniques Instructor before transitioning into cybersecurity. Rick designed and managed multiple Combined Exercises for both the 10th Special Forces Group and the 19th Special Forces Group. Dawson holds multiple cybersecurity certificates and works with the various SOCOM elements to integrate open source intelligence (OSINT) into network protection.

Mr. Dawson has extensive experience in penetration testing both physical and network security. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the National Defense University and a Masters Degree in Software Development from Boston University. His experience spans multiple aspects of network development and protection across a wide range of environments, ranging from extremely austere to highly developed. Additionally, he was integral in developing specialized logistics and communications systems for forward-deployed DoD elements.

Terry Lehman

Subject Matter Expert

Terry Lehman will serve as a subject matter advisor. Terry is a FedRAMP Cyber-security information assurance professional providing an

innovative and efficient way to perform Certification and Accreditation activities across the National Security community.

Mr. Lehman is a FedRAMP senior cybersecurity information assurance professional providing an innovative and efficient way to perform Certification and Accreditation activities across the National Security community. He specializes in system accreditations, risk management, and cybersecurity and penetration testing. His experience spans a wide range of highly technological Low Earth Orbit Satellite, Transport Security Administration, and Enterprise Computing Security initiatives. These include high priority programs whose progress is being monitored at the Congressional level. His dedication, expertise, and professionalism reflect his work style and personal traits enabling his ability to achieve project completion on time and meet high-level program milestones.

Israel Campbell, PhD

Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Israel L. Campbell is a senior cyber security engineer with over 18 years of

experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry that will take a hands on approach to ensuring our #cmmc courses include content that drive compliance through engagement, rather than just watching PowerPoint lectures. Also a veteran, Dr. Campbell works to get more veterans into the field of #cybersecurity.

Dr. Campbell began an IT career in the United States Marine Corps, serving in a variety of help desk, satellite communications, radio, and cyber security roles. Certifications include ISC(2) Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP)/Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP)/Information System Security Management Professional (ISSMP), as well as CompTia Security+/Network+. Dr. Campbell also holds an MBA and graduate certificates in Systems Engineering and Information Assurance.

Getting on a plane being built makes little sense. Same holds true for learning. If you need a Licensed Training or Publishing partner for your firm rest assured knowing the team behind your journey will get your company where it needs to go.

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