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Our Promise as a CMMC Registered Provider Organization

Mission Drives Everything We Do

Together we must address and accomplish the goals of the cybersecurity maturation model set out by the Department of Defense.

As our CEO James Kraemer noted we have a three-pronged approach to addressing critical issues the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and Defense Industrial Base faces.

The recent state sponsored cyber attacks that reached every corner of of government prove that we must double our focus on CyberSecurity to protect our National Defense.

The supply chain gets attacked daily. We want to help ensure your small business does not become the next victim by protecting your interest, speaking truth, and providing experience.

Protecting Your Interest

Securing the supply chain means nothing if it drives your company out of business. If you do business with the Department of Defense, directly or as a subcontractor, and touch Controlled Unclassified Information, you will need to meet the CMMC requirements. Full stop.

Controlled Unclassified Information, is unclassified data created by or for the Government that is protected or restricted by a federal laws and regulations.

Keeping CUI safe will come with significant cost but the work does make you a better company. We do not want to lost any member of the DIB. Therefore as an RPO we also fight to secure you funding to do this important work.

First we invest back in workforce development to help improve the pipeline for analytics, cyber security, and advanced manufacturing. In every state we enter as a CMMC provider we establish partnerships with Higher Education.

We want to invest Department of Defense money back into our community colleges, technical high schools, and universities. You can not have a defense industrial base without high quality workers.

Second we also seek to secure funding to invest in protecting your local defesne economy. Dr. J Gregory McVerry, our Chief Learning Officer, and Associate Fellow of Online Learning at Southern Connecticut University had lead the way on CMMC legislative outreach.

Dr. McVerry also serves at the national and state levels. Greg sit on the National Small Business Association Leadership Council, Technology Council, and CyberSecurity Task Force. At the State level Dr. McVerry sits on ManufactureCT Legislative Council. Our goal is certified professionals in ever shop who can work with our Registered Professionals to get you ready for CMMC.

Telling the Truth

You will never see us post a hot take on a cybersecurity incident. We will not have the first guides about a new DoD policy published. Being out of the gate first does not matter.

We want to get you across the finish line. Our Registered Professionals can provide the GAP analysis or preparation for a CMMC assessment to ensure you meet compliance.

So much incorrect information about the CMMC and the DFARS Interim Rules floats about. Noise from LinkedIn and notices from your Primes. Almost all of it incorrect.

We all need to slow down and breath. Our Registered Professionals will work with you to navigate the nuances of the day.

We Are Not Experts

You may have gotten a few emails offering you expertise in preparing for the CMMC. Disregard all of them and think twice about doing business with the vendor. Nobody is an expert in CMMC. The model is currently being developed.

Instead we promise to provide registered professionals with decades of cybersecurity experience across the Defense and Intelligence communities. Our FedRAMP CyberSecurity assurance professionals have years of experience in Special Operations, satellite and radio security. Certifications include ISC(2) Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP)/Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP)/Information System Security Management Professional (ISSMP), as well as CompTia Security+/Network+.

We may not know the answer to your CMMC question but we know who to ask. More importantly we have the skillset with decades of protecting our national defense that we will bring to protecting your company.

If you feel the quality of our Registered Professional, our commitment to truth, and goal of protecting the interest of your company make us a good match please reach out to James to schedule a cup of coffee or tea.

James can be reached by emailing We look forward to hearing how we can help you protect or National Security.

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