Our Registered Professionals: Mission Driven. Veteran Lead

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

We got involved in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification out of a passionate need to protect the evolving online borders of our National Security.

We ask our fellow citizens to make an informed choice when choosing a partner to help you prepare for a CMMC assessment. As of the last CMMC-AB Town Hall over three hundred contractors have come on board as Register Professional Organization.

We applaud the growth in the CMMC ecosystem. Only culture, not compliance, can stop the exfiltration of data. Yet such exponential growth creates challenges for the small business owner in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

How do you choose a partner that shares your true north?

At CyberDI, the CMMC Division of Data Intelligence Technologies, we always bring a Veteran lead team of mission driven experience.

Mission Driven

Only we, as an RPO/LTP/LPP bring in over 10 million annually providing data science, information technology consulting, analytical metrics, and machine learning support to intelligence and defense customers.

We have training and support contracts with both government and and civilian customers in the Virginia and Northern Maryland area.

For over ten years we have provided a one stop big data shop for our customers to create a data fabric to drive real time decision metrics. Companies and partners such as Department of Defense, US Navy, US Army, Booz Allen Hamilton, General Dynamics Information Technology, Deloitte, and other in the Northern Maryland and Virginia trust us as mission driven partners.

Over this decade our mission has evolved not just to engineer insights in data but now to apply the same level of intelligence to secure data.

When evaluating a CMMC partner ask a company what prior experience do you bring in the realm of data and defense.

Veteran Lead

Learning cybersecurity lessons to protect our Defense Industry from people who have not served on the battlefields, either kinetic or virtual....Well you could sign your kid up for Driver's Ed courses with an instructor who has never seen a car, but would you?

CyberDI brings a team of men and women who proudly put on the uniform every day. While the Class A's may now hang in a closet, these brave warriors still wake up each day,the oath to protect our nation, the first thought to rise with the sun.

Our team of CMMC-AB Registered Professionals bring this sense of duty to your organization when they help you prepare for a CMMC Assesment.

Dr. Israel Campell

Dr. Israel L. Campbell leads our team of Registered Professionals. Israel, a Veteran and senior cyber security engineer has over 18 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry veteran,

Dr. Campbell works to get more veterans into the field of #cybersecurity. He is a specialist in sattelite and radio frequency security on both the red and blue sides of the game board.

Dr Campbell is currently completing Gap Analyses and instructing CMMC Boot Camps and courses with our partner institution Capitol Technology University.

Captain Margaret Tanner Glover, USAF (ret.)

Margaret (Mags) Tanner Glover is an Air Force Veteran with a lifetime of cybersecurity expertise and founded Excellence in Measurement.

A Registered Professional and Provisional Assessor. Margaret served as Program Manager on the US Anti-Satellite Weapon System and a Satellite Officer in the Space Defense Operations Center.

They modified the F-15 for high altitude flights with armaments that could break orbit. Data was always essential to Mag's work. She was responsible for ensuring a data link between the pilot and sattelite remained stable so the missile hits it mark.

Mags also holds other industry-related certifications such as High Maturity Lead Appraiser for the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI); An independent consultant for the CMMI Institute/ISACA; An instructor for Foundations of CMMI; an ISO 9001/27001 Lead Auditor; a Six Sigma Blackbelt.

She currently teaches our bootcamps at Capitol Technology University and completes CMMC gap analyses for companies in Connecticut. Margaret volunteers as Diversity and Outreach for the Connecticut CMMC Coalition and is creating a CyberDI team in Charleston. SC.

Terry Lehman

Terry Lehman, a veteran is currently under contract providing FedRAMP CyberSecurity information assurances and Certification and Accreditation activities across the National Security community.

Terry specializes in system accreditation, risk management, and cybersecurity and penetration testing. His experience spans a wide range of highly technological Low Earth Orbit Satellite, Transport Security Administration, and Enterprise Computing Security initiatives. These include high priority programs whose progress is being monitored at the Congressional level. His dedication, expertise, and professionalism reflect his work style and personal traits enabling his ability to achieve project completion on time and meet high-level program milestones.

Paul Netopski

Paul Netopski, a Navy Veteran, founded and owns Critical Prism Defense . Paul provides consulting services for Information Technology, Information Assurance and Security for Government contractor organizations.

Netopski has over 20 years of experience as cybersecurity expert and holds CISSP, C|CISO, CEH, ITILv3 certifications.

Paul works with our clients to craft the workforce cybersecurity training requirements tailored for companies needs.

We prefer to work in the security business and not the compliance industry. Paul's mission around improving cybersecurity aligned to company goals.

Vincent Scott

Vincent Scott, Naval Academy Graduate (Computer Science, 89) is Founder Defense Cybersecurity Group and Chief Security Officer of STI-TEC

Vince a former SINGINT specialist has decades of cyber security experience. He specializes in Cyber to Counter Intelligence serving as a coach to the executive team embedding security and creating competitive advantage for Defense Contractors by focusing on creating opportunity through Risk Management. Scott can perform a DFARS self assessment or help any company prepare for CMMC

Greg-Isaak (Grisha) Voykhansky

Grisha, at the age of 19 made a harrowing escape from the Soviet Union and made is way to the United Staes where he went on to earn to PhDs.

Grisha is a people-centered professional with more than thirty years in business and consulting practice with experience in leadership, change management, cybersecurity implementation & compliance, international startups, transactional law, insurance, and higher education.

Grisha is currently working with C & C Metals, inc a major submarine prime in the General Dynamics Supply Chain. Grisha has worked with C&C until they consistently scored above a 90 on utilizing the 171a methodology.

Grisha is now working with C&C Metals Inc to esnure the 900 suppliers and fifty mission critical companies meet CMMC requirements.

Rodney McLeod

Rodney McLeod, Air Force veteran owns McLeod Information Systems. An Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security industry. Skilled in Data Center Infrastructure , Data Center Operations, System Deployment, Information Assurance, and Cloud Security. Strong business development professional with a Associate in Applied Science focused in Information Systems from Community College of the Air Force.

Rodney leads up CyberDI's Apprenticeship program. Working closely with Dr McVerry, Chief Learning Officer, Rodney embeds certified professional courses into dual enollment high schools where students can leave as Certified Professionals. Then in partnerships with community colleges students gain the prerequisites necessary to qualify for certified assessor exams.

These students then get to enroll, almost always tuition free into one of our CyberDI Higher Education Networks across the country.

Rodney is also currently providing Gap Analysis and D-FARS self-assessment help to CyberDI customers in the Charleston area

Shelly Waite-Bey

Shelly, Air Force (ret), has a tech story we can relate. Newtworks were never her job but she knew tech so the office threw her all troubleshooting. Shelly's office though just happened to be Air Force 2.

Shelly founded Waite SLTS and specializes in financial audits and forensics. A cybersecurity expert Waite-Bey Leverages strategic insights and financial analysis to create programs that tie together all business elements to lower costs, enhance earnings and improve market share.

Glenn Axelrod

Glenn, a U.S. Army (Retired) Lieutenant Colonel is Founder, and CEO of HKA Technology Solutions, LLC.Glenn brings 20 years of experience toward scoping and tailoring policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines by referencing NIST SP 800 series standards, ISO 27001 and 27002, international standards, Center of Internet Security (CIS), the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), International Information System Security Certification Consortium, (ISC)², and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) best practices.

Axelrod was assigned as 75th Innovation Command U.S Army Reserves (Active Duty) prior to retirement. In Glenn's prior assignments, he established the best business practices in risk management, as the Director of Information Technology for 311th Sustainment Command, U.S. Army Reserve (Active Duty). Glenn Served as a Technical Project Management Officer while deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan built and implemented correct data analytics, reports, and proactively prepared the project team to manage database changes in mission scope for logistics movement of supplies throughout Afghanistan.

Mission Driven. Veteran Lead

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