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Three Questions to Ask CMMC Solicitors

Every day at CyberDI we open the inbox to find more CMMC solutions. Even our Direct Messages on LinkedIn now over flow with a pitch to get compliant (by the wrong date) doing CMMC (you can't CMMC not a verb) for little money (plain lie).

Please be careful with all the #CMMC and #dfars solutions spamming your inbox. As a #dib #manufacturer ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should I trust my business to a company whose services I did not solicit?

  • Can you actually scale to meet my company or State needs?

  • Do you have the tool kits and networks for success?

Am I a partner or a client?

When the Data Intelligence Technologies, Inc. CyberDI #HigherEducation network engages with partners you need to know we INTERVIEW partners. We never want to CLOSE a leads.

Working together on your compliance must begin with a foundation of trust. As an organization you must invest the time and treasure to ensure the job gets done.

If we feel a potential client do not meet these requirements we will choose to not engage.

In return we make a promise to our partners. All of our Higher Education partners and consultants will:

-Be mission driven

-Protect your interest

-Tell the truth

-Recognize no one is an expert

Can you scale?

We are building a network of 20 Higher Education institutions to scale #cyberscecurity including our curriculum lead, Southern Connecticut State University and the Nation's top #cybersecurity program at Capitol Technology University.

Universities join the network weekly.

These resources mean we can scale for to the small, mid, or large size prime. Our University footprint allows us to provide state wide service.

We also reinvest 50% of all revenue directly back into our University dollars. When you engage with CyberDI you keep tax dollars in your state. Defense dollars go into workforce development.

At every institution we also create a scholarship fund to established a named fellow. These scholarships first go to children who lost parents in the line of intelligence duty and then we open the pool up to veterans with CyberSecurity military experience.

#Cybersecurity IS Economic Development.

This model also means we can meet the needs of any organization. We can bring the head count needed for a firm of ten or a prime with 200 subcontractors.

Sure other licensed training and publishing partners can run classes. Most of the Registered Professional Organizations and the Registered Professionals they represent have knowledge to help small firms. Many RPOs and RPs make a living servicing just one or two small businesses.

  • How many of these companies do over ten million dollars a year in providing big data, data science, and network security for a variety of Government customers?

  • How many LPPs have a curriculum being written by some of the nation's top educational psychologists, Special Forces CyberSecurity Training Experts, FedRamp security specialists and Southern Connecticut State University's computer science department?

  • How many RPOs have enough relationships to provide consulting not just on compliance but also legal and business forecasting?

  • How many RPO's have members with access to Congressional delegations to lobby for your state and company?

We do not know about all the other companies in the ecosystem, but we can answer, "We do," every time.

Do you have tools to help me succeed?

CyberSecurity maturation does not begin and end with an assessment. We must work together to reflect on results and make continuous growth for institutionalization to occur.

CyberDI has access to a network to deliver all the tools your company need to improve hygiene.

From SIEM to email migration partners, secure cloud, CMMC templates, and penetration testers we have access to the largest network of managed service providers in the CyberDI network.

Be careful when choosing #CMMC partners. Our National Security is too important to leave it up to an unsolicited email.

As a Prime this brings you advantages. First you can skip the bottleneck. No need to speculate what will happen when everyone needs to secure migration. The backlog is real. Second the number of subcontractors you bring to the table means negotiating power. Luckily we already provide massive affiliate deals.

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