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Update on the CMMC Timeline

We know many of you have signed up for our waiting list to secure your spot in our first CMMC classes.

We feel honored that so many people in the DIB and Defense community look to us to provide industry leading CMMC training.

Many of you have commented that as a Licensed Training and Publishing Partner we built the most talented learning team in the industry.

We wanted to say thanks and share an update on the timeline from the Town Hall sponsored by the DoD and CMMC-AB.

Certified Instructor Training in February

The CMMC-AB will begin the process of training instructors in February. To us teacher quality matters. Our Chief Learning Officer, Dr. McVerry, has observed 1000s of teachers and trained 100s of school administrators to observe and coach for quality teaching.

We utilize the supervisory continuum developed by Dr. McVerry's team to ensure our instructors deliver the highest quality trainings.

We are excited to work with the AB on scaling up the teaching force the CMMC needs. if you want to apply to be a certified instructor email the AB.

Certified Courses Published in March

As a Licensed Publisher Partner of the CMMC-AB we will release our courses by end of March or the beginning of May.

Richard Dawson and Dr. Lisa Lancor of Southern Connecticut State University have created hands-on learning activities around CMMC understandings. Licensed Training Partners can use our curriculum to ensure participants make progress towards mastering the CMMC objectives.

If you would like to learn more about delivering our content in your CMMC trainings get in touch the Thomas Corridon our CMMC Program Manager.

Classes Launch in April

CyberDI, in coordination with our Higher Education partners will offer our first classes in April or May of 2021.

Our delivery options will meet the needs of the cyber warriors who defend the supply chain. You can enroll in a fully online or hybrid Certified Professional course. This class is perfect for any CISO, network specialist, or IT contractors who support small businesses.

CyberDI recommends any contractor who handles controlled unclassified information, to have two cybersecurity specialists on staff.

If you have cybersecurity or IT experience and want to grow your career you move on to our Level One Certified Assessor classes. This class will prepare you for the Level One Certified Assessor exam. Once certified you can assess any company for a Level One Maturation. These companies handle Federal Contract Information and need basic cyber hygiene.

Cybersecurity experts, who have reached Certified Assessor One certification, can enroll in our Level Three Certified Assessor Course. This class prepares you for the Certified Assessor Level 3 Exams. As an assessor you can work with a C3PAO, Certified Third Party Assessment Organization to evaluate any contractor who receives or creates CUI.

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