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Chickens Madness Free Download




You will be able to make the chicken the king of the sky as he travels, hop, jump, and run. Gameplay Explore the sky in unique quests to collect stars, diamonds, coins and even a Vesta-Geckin'. You can choose to play with your friend's account on Facebook or play against the other players. To get out of the sky, collect all the stars you can to defeat the boss at the end of each quest. Customization You can customize your chicken! Your name, your chicken name, and your chicken look can all be changed. Change the chicken's look and style, its gender, weight, skin color, feathers, beak, and eyes. Features Free to play. Easy to play. Up to 32 players. Many different types of chickens. Optimized for Facebook. Meaningful, fun & easy-to-learn gameplay. Collect stars for upgrades. Description Chickens! Chickens Madness is an addictive, bird party game that takes players to the sky and features a unique physics engine. The aim of the game is to collect stars and diamonds to reach the top of the sky. Players can choose to play against each other in one-on-one or as a group in a team. This highly innovative and exciting game offers a variety of game modes to suit your gameplay style, such as a Big Race, Upgrade Quest, Stack the Star, Collect Diamonds, Star Match, and even a weird McChicken. The gameplay is pretty simple, as players have to collect stars and diamonds to pass the level. A collection of five stars will unlock the next level, while a collection of ten stars will unlock the next level's boss. Players can collect up to ten diamonds, and completing the boss will unlock a new hat for your chicken to wear. To unlock more hats, players must collect diamonds. Players can also collect up to five diamonds by stacking the star they collected. There are two types of diamonds: normal diamonds and silver diamonds. Diamonds and stars can be collected and stacked by tapping the screen when a star or diamond is next to your chicken. Players can tap anywhere on the sky to collect stars and diamonds. Your chicken will grow as you collect more stars and diamonds. The player can choose to stop growing after a certain number of stars and diamonds are collected. The growth can be increased or decreased by tapping the



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Chickens Madness Free Download

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