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Information Security Manager at Boedeker Plastics

“I loved the conversations with classmates. The material covered in the course was awesome, but the conversations that developed from class topics were invaluable.”

“How wonderful that we are invited to come back to subsequent courses for refreshers at no additional cost !”

“The homework sent me on a hunt for additional information that improved my knowledge deeply.”

“The instructor even adjusted the homework to fit with my company’s needs.”

“I’d recommend CyberDI to anyone.”


Federal Contractor

“I loved the amount of information and documentation that was shared by the instructor”

“As a federal contractor assigned to the US Air Force, it became obvious the CUI process needed a lot of
work. The CMMC is a critical necessity. My plan is to expand my knowledge further and study to
become a Certified CMMC Assessor”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job facilitating the sharing of information
between students … super valuable.”


CMMC Professional

"When you need to get certified for CMMC, you quickly realize there's a lot of noise: unapproved training vendors, trainers with no real world experience or boring delivery, ... so picking the right training is a challenge.
But I was lucky to find the SouthernCT/CyberDI training for CMMC-CCP. The material was well defined and a good match for the exam, the trainer Paul Netopski had a strong experience in the security and defense audit ecosystem, and his delivery was very smooth. The format was a blend of video calls, reading and exercises, all organized to blend with my availability (they have different slots depending on your time zone). I feel the entire class, made of people from various backgrounds, benefited from this training. At the end I passed. I would definitely recommend this training for CMMC-CCP and would pick their training for CCA if I ever reach that point."

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