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  • BS, MS, and Ph.D. from Colorado State University.

At the Metropolitan State University of Denver, he:

At the National Center for Atmospheric Research, he:

  • Lead the cybersecurity team.

  • Helped architect and implement the cybersecurity protections for the NCAR/Wyoming Supercomputer Center.

  • Initiated the successful effort to create a FISMA enclave.

  • Started the private cloud implementation.

In addition, he:

  • Wrote compilers for supercomputers at Cray Computer Corporation.

  • Consults and contracts with numerous local, national, and international organizations on computer security.

  • Paid technical reviewer for

  • Building Secure Servers with Linux, 2nd Edition

  • SELinux: NSA's Open-Source Security Enhanced Linux

  • Building Internet Firewalls, 2nd Edition

  • Has appeared and interview with local and national media over 200 times.

  • Regularly presents to local community groups and schools on cybersecurity.

  • Works on several security-related open-source projects.

  • Is a technical mentor for middle- and high-school CyberPatriot teams.

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